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Sales Engineering, Sales Management and Applications Engineering positions require strong communication, negotiation and in some cases leadership skills to develop and implement effective sales strategies.

We work with Distributors, Manufacturers and Integrators of Automated Machinery and Technology Products with a focus to create and optimise manufacturing solutions for many major manufacturers in the UK.

Positions exist for proven Sales & Proposals professionals, with many companies welcoming applications from Engineers looking to develop their career commercially.
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Control Systems / Applications Engineer - Bespoke Automation Solution Provider

£40,000 - £60,000
Greater Midlands/Bristol
Machinery Control Systems / Applications Engineer based from home sought to work directly with machinery OEM's to develop solutions. 30% UK travel. Two positions available, South West (Bristol) and East Midlands (Northampton) or West Midlands (Birmingham


Sales Applications - Automation Solutions Provider

£50,000 - £60,000
Work From Home - UK Wide
UK's leading Independent Automation and Control Distributor with locations throughout the UK looking for a Sales Account Manager to join the team. Seeking a highly motivated individual with experience of industrial networks.


Sales Engineer - Design & Manufacture Specialist Systems

£60,000 - £80,000
An experienced Senior Sales Engineer to service existing accounts and uncover new clients for a leading Midlands based company to be responsible for the development of profitable build contracts and service works from lead through concept and tender to a


Applications Engineer - Systems Integration Specialist

£50,000 - £55,000
Midlands or Shropshire
Leading systems integrator are now seeking a Sales Applications Engineer to join their busy team based in the West Midlands. Automation project experience essential.


Software Applications Engineer - Bespoke Equipment Manufacturer

£25,000 - £45,000
West Midlands
A fantastic opportunity for a Skilled Software Applications Engineer to work for a manufacturer of bespoke guided assembly, collaborative robotics, and end of line test systems to a range of industry sectors.This individualistic company are looking for a


Applications Engineer - CNC Machine Tool

£36,000 - £43,000
West Midlands
An experienced Applications Engineer is now required to work for a well-established machine tool distribution company. This is an excellent opportunity to join a stable business with future development chances.


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Sales & Applications FAQs

What is an applications engineer?

An application engineer designs, develops, and improves software. Application engineers utilise customer input and sales information to shape the design or necessary software improvements. An application engineer may also support customers or perform installations and software maintenance.

What is the role of an application support engineer?

Application support engineers are responsible for installing and maintaining software used in business operations. There are several duties of application support engineers that help ensure software streamlines business operations, including:

  • Optimising existing software.
  • Installing new software or updates for existing software.
  • Improving software performance.
  • Undertaking debugging procedures.

What are some interview questions for application engineers?

Here are some of the common interview questions asked for a job in application engineering:

  • How did you get into engineering?
  • Why did you choose to become an application engineer?
  • How would you troubleshoot or resolve a software bug?
  • How do you keep up-to-date with current trends and advances in applications engineering?
  • What is your preferred programming language, and why?
  • What is your experience working with cloud-based platforms?
  • Provide an example of when you had to resolve a software issue for a client.

What is the average salary for an applications engineer?

The average salary for an applications engineer in the UK is around £45,000 annually. Entry-level positions in applications engineering can start with a salary of around £36,000. Senior positions in applications engineering can earn up to £60,000 a year.

Can an application support become a software engineer?

Yes, there is potential for someone in application support to become a software engineer. However, many software engineering roles require previous experience in a similar development role. With sufficient relevant experience, you can find a position in software engineering.

How much do application engineering jobs pay?

Application engineering jobs typically pay around £45,000 per year. However, this is dependent on the job position and level of experience. Application engineers may also earn additional bonuses and benefits as part of the job.

What is the regular daily job of a sales engineer like?

Sales engineers typically work in an office environment. They will have several daily tasks, including conducting research, working with sales staff to improve customer solutions, analysing and reporting using data tracking software, and communicating relevant information to colleagues.

What is a sales engineer?

A sales engineer specialises in providing technical expertise and support to potential customers. The responsibility of a sales engineer includes bridging the gap between the technical aspects of a product and customers’ needs. Both technical knowledge and sales skills are combined in the role.

What are the daily responsibilities and duties of a sales engineer?

Some of the daily responsibilities and duties of a sales engineer include:

  • Supporting sales executives with solution selling.
  • Searching for new clients.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with customers.
  • Calculating client quotations.

Is sales engineering a good profession?

Sales engineering is a good profession, especially for extroverts and technically-minded people. A career in sales engineering has good earning potential. It’s also a promising career for those who enjoy working with people, problem-solving and being creative.

What are the advantages of being a sales engineer?

There are several advantages and benefits of being a sales engineer, including:

  • Developing a diverse range of skills.
  • Boosts problem-solving.
  • Roles in engineering are in high demand.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Working closely with clients and maintaining relationships.
  • Keeps you at the forefront of technology.
  • Plenty of career progression opportunities.

What are the career developments of sales engineers?

A role in sales engineering has excellent potential for development and career progression. Continuing in the same field can enable people to progress to senior sales engineering roles. Gaining experience in a sales engineering role also allows people to switch to a similar field.

What are some interview questions for sales engineers?

For those seeking a position in the field of sales engineering, there are some specific interview questions you may be asked by potential employers, including:

  • What sales engineering skills do you have and use regularly?
  • How would you highlight the benefits of our products over competitors?
  • What type of sales engineering technologies are you proficient in?
  • How would you work with a dissatisfied customer to investigate an issue and provide a satisfactory solution?
  • Provide an example where you had to adjust your communication style to effectively connect with a client or customer.
  • How do you keep updated with new technology and incorporate them into your sales approach?

What is the average salary for sales engineers?

The average salary for sales engineers in the UK is around £67,000 per year. This can range from £33,000 for entry-level positions in sales engineering up to £100,000 per year for senior roles.