Project Management is a highly sought-after skill in many industries; strong leaders and good communicators are required to work within diverse teams.

Being able to adapt to changing circumstances and priorities whilst ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders is essential.

Having experience with methodologies and tools such as Agile or Scrum is advantageous. Positions available for Electrical, Mechanical and Process orientated candidates.

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Projects FAQs

Will project managers be automated?

No, it is unlikely that AI will takeover or automate project management roles. However, project managers will be affected by AI. Over time, AI will replace certain responsibilities of project managers, shifting the job from administrative tasks to more team management.

Who earns more, a project manager or a software developer?

The average salary for a project manager is greater than that for a software developer. A software developer earns an average salary of £50,000 annually in the UK. A project manager earns an average salary of £55,000 annually in the UK.

Is it possible to land a project management job as a graduate?

Yes, graduates can land a project management role. However, new graduates may typically start in a junior project management role or as an assistant project manager. Junior project managers are usually promoted after 2 to 5 years to help progress their career ladder.

How is automation changing project management?

As with many jobs, automation impacts project management roles and job responsibilities. Some repetitive tasks, such as analysing large data quantities, can help streamline and speed up the job. By switching away from tasks, project managers turn to more team management responsibilities.

Can project managers work entirely remotely?

No, some tasks and responsibilities of automation project managers make it difficult to work remotely. Specific duties, such as the organisation of team members on a project or management of project phase timing, may require more one-to-one work to properly carry out remotely.

What is the best way to land a project manager job?

The best way to land an automation project management job is to gain a junior position or relevant industry experience. Many progress through the career ladder up to more senior management positions from entry-level positions, gaining valuable experience and skills.

What do project managers do in their day-to-day jobs?

There are many tasks and responsibilities of automation project managers, including:

  • Scheduling and assigning project tasks.
  • Conduct status meetings with stakeholders.
  • Establish team roles for projects.
  • Lead and manage team projects.
  • Review project proposals and time plans.
  • Maintain accurate documentation.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any issues.

Will project management still be needed in 10-15 years?

Yes, project management will still be needed in 10-15 years. A report by PMI indicated that project management roles are growing quickly, with demand growing more than in other jobs. It is estimated that around 88 million people globally will be employed in project management positions by 2027.

Why is project management so in demand right now?

There are a few reasons why project management roles are currently in demand, including:

  • The growing complexity of business operations.
  • There is a greater need for efficient coordination and resource organisation.
  • A stronger emphasis on the importance of successful project completion.
  • Organisations are placing greater importance on having skilled managers.
  • Ensuring all projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the stakeholder’s satisfaction.
  • Emerging and new technologies that require specialist knowledge and skills.