Software Development

Software Development Engineers are required to design, develop and test software programs and applications. Design opportunities exist using a range of technologies: C/C++/C#, Java, Python or Labview.

Working with leading manufacturers, positions exist for embedded, integrated or stand-alone software.

Many clients are keen to recruit Graduate Engineers.

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Similar Jobs:

Software Engineer - Labview / Python - Automated Machinery R&D

£35,000 - £55,000
Fantastic opportunity for a Software Engineer to join a leading consultancy based in Derby. Our client specialise in innovative Research & Development (R&D) services, working with a diverse range of clients across multiple industries.


Lead Control Software Engineer - Systems Integration Specialist

£50,000 - £65,000
West Midlands
Responsible for the delivery of automation software for complex control systems to customer and industry specifications, working within budget and programme constraints. High involvement with industry standard documentation.


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Software Development FAQs

Where should I start to learn about software engineering?

The first place to start learning about software engineering is to learn and become familiar with a coding language, such as Python, JavaScript, or C++. Also, starting small projects and learning platforms like GitHub can be advantageous.

How can I motivate myself to be a better software developer?

There are several ways you can boost your motivation to become a better software developer, including:

  • Learning to code in a new language.
  • Set one clear progression or goal to focus on.
  • Try to get as much practice learning a new skill as possible.
  • Join a relevant community.

What should every software developer look for in a job?

Some of the top factors software developers look for in a job are a good salary, the ability to work with new technologies, a work/life balance, and growth or leadership opportunities. Flexibility is another factor software developers look for and whether the role offers flexible working.

What do I need to know to get a job as a software developer?

To get a job as a software developer, you will require various skills and expertise. Some of the skills you will require include analytical skills, maths skills, problem-solving, and strong technical skills. You will also need a strong understanding of various computer systems.

Is software development a good field to get into?

Yes, it is an excellent field to get into. Not only is a career in software development creative, but it also offers an excellent salary, plenty of development opportunities, and stimulating work with good job benefits.

What is the future for jobs in software development?

Software engineering is expected to grow rapidly, with a projected 22% increase in jobs by 2029. As new technologies and emerging trends continue to shape the future of software development, there is plenty for future and prospective software developers to look forward to.

What is the average salary for a software developer?

The average salary for a software developer in the UK is around £50,000 per year. This starts from around £40,000 for entry-level roles with no or minimal experience and ranges up to £70,000 per year for senior positions.

What is the job description of a software developer?

Software developers are tasked with researching, designing, implementing, and managing software. A software developer has several responsibilities and duties that form part of their job description, including:

  • Managing databases and servers.
  • Working with coding languages to craft and enhance applications.
  • Cross-platform optimisation.
  • Working with prototype sites.
  • Working with clients.

How to find my first job in software development?

To get a first job in software development, you will require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. You will also need a strong CV highlighting all your relevant skills and experience for a role. Undertaking internships can provide the experience necessary for a first job.

What do software developers do?

Software developers design and develop software that considers the user’s needs. The software developed by software developers must fulfil users’ needs, alongside recommending updates for existing software.

What are other jobs in software engineering other than coding?

For those who want a job in software engineering without coding, you can consider a role in program management, programming documentation, or programming support.

What is it like being a software developer?

Working as a software developer involves collaborating in a team to meet project deadlines and goals. You will also require problem-solving skills to determine any bugs in software and how to debug errors in code effectively. Alongside these duties, you will also write new code, review existing code, and test software.