How to Navigate a Counter Offer

Making the decision to leave your current position in search of a new one is something that you will have to consider very carefully. That’s also why you’ll struggle to decide what to do when your existing employer makes a competitive counteroffer.

Statistics: Around 50% of Employers make a counteroffer each time an Employee resigns, particularly where there is a skills shortage.

However, should you choose to accept, it’s likely that you’ll be in the 80% of people who leave within six months or the 90% who leave within a year afterwards.

We explore why you may want to think twice about accepting a counteroffer:

Job Does Not Meet Your Long-Term Goals

When thinking of accepting a job offer or counteroffer, you should make sure that the position meets your long-term goals either now or in the future. Is the job making you happy?

Loyalty Will Be Questioned

No matter how good your relationship is with your Employer, once you have resigned, your loyalty will be questioned, now and in the future.  Resigning breaks initial trust. It could hinder future success. So even if the counteroffer is a good deal. Will you be first in line for promotion?

An underlying issue isn’t solved by a counter-offer

There may be several reasons you may want to leave your job. It could be work hours, responsibilities, or co-workers. When you receive a counteroffer the only thing that really changes is the salary. Was that the initial problem?

It will not guarantee satisfaction

People resign and look for new jobs when they are not satisfied with their current position. A counteroffer may give hope for better working conditions and salary, but statistics show that this is often not the case. Will you now be satisfied?

Is there a chance for career progression?

Often when you are receiving a counteroffer, it is easy to accept them without too much thought because of how appealing the offer may look. A significant factor when thinking about counteroffers; Is there a chance for career development and progression?

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